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Williames Tea History

Geoff Williames

Geoff Williames became involved in the tea industry 43 years ago when the first mechanical tea harvesting machines were commissioned.

Initial machines incorporated reciprocating blades and later rotary blades to cut the tea. This technology was  incorporated into wheeled, tracked, floating (magic carpet) and hand held machines.


With the knowledge and deep understanding of tea harvesting accumulated over a long period and across many jurisdictions (including India, Kenya, PNG, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi and Malaysia) Williames Tea has been focussed on developing innovative new tea plucker technology to mechanically simulate the hand plucking of tea.


The tea plucker technology has successfully undergone initial commercial testing in the United States of America and is now available for purchase in the specialty/artisan tea industry.


Further commercial trials are scheduled for the commodity tea industry in 2021.

Geoff Williames
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